Brian Wallin

With new telyHD Software v4.5, Tely Labs upgrades telyHD Pro to the only video conferencing endpoint built for the cloud.

January 8, 2015

BRIAN WALLIN   |  VP Product Management

What’s new in telyHD Software v4.5?  An all-new user interface that’s both simpler and more powerful, and lots of new features and functions.  But the real news is that with new v4.5 software, we’ve upgraded our appliances to become the only video conferencing endpoints that can be optimized for use with the leading cloud-based video conferencing services.  Or as we like to say, telyHD Pro is now “built for the cloud”.

Specifically, v4.5 gives telyHD Pro appliances a very clean and updated user interface, which presents all available connection services (Blue Jeans, Zoom, SIP, telyCloud and Skype) at the top of the Home screen under “Make a Call” for quick access to ad hoc dialing.  Frequently dialed contacts and virtual meeting rooms from the Directory are shown immediately below that, under “My Contacts”.  (See screen capture, below.)  A self-view camera preview and tips on using our included telyShare screen sharing app rounds out the new Home screen layout.


Built-in support for so many ways to connect via video is great, and it’s one of our best selling points, but we’ve found that our customers tend to focus on one service for their video conferencing calls.  More and more, Tely Labs endpoints are deployed as the best way to enable conference rooms and meeting spaces with cloud-based conferencing services like Blue Jeans or Zoom.

Recognizing this trend, we made it easy to optimize the Tely Labs experience for your favorite cloud service.  If your company has a Blue Jeans subscription, for example, just de-select other services under Settings so that users will only be able to see dial into new or pre-set Blue Jeans Network meetings.  An example is shown below.


“Built for the cloud” means that now telyHD Pro is now the only video conferencing endpoint that is designed to be optimized for leading cloud-based video services like Blue Jeans Network and Zoom.

Other New Features of v4.5 Include:

  • Single graphical directory for all contacts and meeting rooms
    • First all-in-one video conferencing appliance with a unified directory for contacts and meetings rooms across multiple services, such as SIP addresses, Blue Jeans or Zoom meeting numbers, Skype contacts and contacts or groups in Tely Labs’s bundled telyCloud™ service.  Simple, graphical user interface enables users to easily create a short list of frequently called contacts and virtual meeting rooms as well as manage video messages and call-backs. 
  • Multiple language support including: English, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Spanish
    • New modular approach enables multi-lingual user interface, with more languages to be added in future versions. 
  • Device API
    • New device application programming interface for provisioning and remote management, simplifying mass deployments and enabling service provider channels.  The device API will be available for beta testing in v4.5.

New telyHD Software v4.5 will be generally available this week. Current Tely Labs customers with an active Annual Service subscription will automatically receive the upgrade at no additional cost.  For more information on telyHD Software v4.5, go to