Endpoint Provisioning and Management Through the Cloud

Tely Portal gives you control wherever your screen is.

Tely Portal, our cloud management tool, makes deployment, configuration and management of Tely 200 endpoints simple and intuitive.


Tely 200 endpoints can be installed easily through a quick, guided setup process. Getting started is as easy as connecting to power, a display and a network. After entering a pairing code, the enterprise configuration is automatically downloaded from the cloud-based management portal. Centralized provisioning makes it easy to add new endpoints, change configuration, and to scale for larger deployments.


Tely Portal’s smart directory feature automatically adds conference rooms to a corporate directory and auto populates a corporate or department directory and frequent contacts to the device. In one click, users can join scheduled or impromptu meetings.


Tely Portal provides remote configuration and troubleshooting, performance monitoring and directory management through a secure browser based interface.

You can view endpoint status in both a dashboard and inventory display with quick filtering and sorting options. Each endpoint’s status is indicated as either hosting an active call or offline. In addition, a dedicated monitoring page allows administrators to analyze call activity. Detailed call statistics are available in real time for in-depth analysis and troubleshooting.


Tely 200 endpoints connect over the Internet to the Tely Portal management center. Every connection utilizes SSL, ensuring your device access and data remains secure. Management through Tely Portal is independent from video conferencing connections and video conferencing data is not routed through Tely Portal. This ensures optimum video quality. Tely 200 endpoints can provide full video
conferencing and data sharing functionality with no dependence on Tely Portal.

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