TVR Communications and Tely Labs Combine To Let You Make Video Calls from Your Hospital Bed

For a long time, I was commuting between Austin and my job in California.  Which, quite frankly, sucked, was hard on Sami, and was really hard on my kids.  But then the iPhone 4 came out, with FaceTime, and The Boy and I could talk, free of charge via wifi, from our own phones wherever we were.  I would carry him with me into the kitchen while I made dinner, and he would show me whatever projects he was working on.  It wasn’t a substitute, but boy did it help.

Now a couple of communications companies are teaming up to bring that capability, via HDTV no less, to hospital rooms.  Sick of driving, dealing with traffic, restrictive visiting hours, and the like to visit your sick relative or friend?  Or maybe you’re, say, just in a completely different part of the country?  Boy, would this be a help, eh?  Here’s what they say: Read More+