Why Meetings Matter

Think about conference rooms. The places in our buildings where we go to meet with each other. Why? Because you – and your team – are probably spending more than half of your work day in meetings, if you’re anything like the managers that were studied in an IEEE report on workplace productivity. Up to 70% of our average day, in fact. Now there’s a thought!

telyCloud Goes Global

For those who may not know, telyCloud is our cloud-based service that provides six-party video conferencing and application sharing without the need for any on-premise equipment besides a telyHD Pro appliance at each location. All telyHD Pro appliances come complete with a one-year subscription to telyCloud.

Welcome, Citrix SVP Sudhakar Ramakrishna!

Sudhakar Ramakrishna, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise and Service Provider Division at Citrix and former President of Products and Services at Polycom, has joined Tely’s Board of Directors.