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3 Essentials for the 21st Century Conference Room

September 3, 2014

The conference room is the heart of any office. It’s where collaboration happens, and where great ideas are formed. So equipping the meeting space for optimal performance is important. But what’s essential, and what’s optional? And how do you do this on a budget?

Conference room functionality has come a long way since the telephone and whiteboard. Here are 3 essential tools for equipping the most effective meeting spaces:

1. Instant and easy video communications – 97% of workers say they need conditions that encourage collaboration to do their best work – but only 25% of executives say their organization collaborates effectively. New video conferencing solutions pair plug-and-play appliances with economical cloud services for more effective and efficient meetings.

2. Affordable, flexible presentations – do you really need an expensive, noisy and hot LCD projector? Today’s high definition flat panel TV can do more than a projector, for a fraction of the cost.

3. Simple content sharing & collaboration – the best tools for sharing and collaborating are those that can be used by the greatest number of people. Simple remote content sharing of any application, from any personal computer, to anyone, anywhere is now not only possible, it’s a requirement for today’s business teams.

Your organization can add these essential functions to a conference or huddle room now, simply and affordably. For more details, download our new white paper.