telyHD Software v4.5

New telyHD Software v4.5 introduces an all-new user interface that improves ease of use and provides greater configuration flexibility for users and administrators.

Instant Access to Contacts and Meeting Rooms

Users can choose which contacts and meeting rooms to display on the Home screen to enable instant access to important contacts and meeting rooms. In addition, users can call new contacts or meeting rooms directly from the Home screen.

Cloud Conferencing Optimized

Need a simple and high quality endpoint for your conference room to access Blue Jeans or Zoom meeting rooms? Configure the telyHD Pro for your selected conferencing service and optimize the user experience for instant access to meeting rooms.

Single Directory for All Contacts and Meeting Rooms

Do you use the telyHD Pro to connect with multiple communication islands? No problem, the telyHD Pro provides a unified, graphical directory that allows for simplified calling to Skype users, telyCloud users, SIP systems, Blue Jeans meeting rooms, and Zoom meeting rooms. In addition, the Recent calls screen enables a user to return a call or Save a new contact.

Ease of Administration

The telyHD settings have been integrated into one unified control panel to manage network, appearance, activations, restrictions, and other administrator settings.

Multiple Language Support

The telyHD user interface is available in multiple languages including: English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

Tely Device API (BETA)

Want to control or manage the telyHD from a 3rd party application? Use the REST API to execute any on-screen capability. Contact Tely Labs for more information.