Tely Labs Brings Affordable Mobile Telemedicine Solution to Healthcare Industry with telyMed™ MTS-100 Mobile Station

At the ATA Conference, Austin, TX, May 5 – 7, Tely Labs will showcase battery-powered, Wi-Fi workstation enabling high definition remote video consultation at breakthrough price point


AUSTIN, TX: May 6, 2013 – Tely Labs – maker of the award-winning telyHD™ video calling system – today announced telyMed™ MTS-100 Mobile Station, an integrated telemedicine workstation designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers for security, mobility and ease of use at the point of care, at less than half the cost of existing mobile telemedicine carts.


Healthcare reforms and accelerating demand for expensive specialist treatment are pressuring hospitals and clinics to find more cost-effective ways of delivering care while controlling costs. This has stimulated a heightened interest in telemedicine solutions. Until now, the substantial expense and complexity of videoconferencing equipment have prevented pervasive adoption.