Tely to Improve Collaboration in Enterprise Huddle Spaces

October 27, 2015

Today is an exciting day for Tely. We announced a shift in our focus to video collaboration technology for huddle spaces. It’s an acute and growing need for medium and large businesses around the world.

What is a Huddle Space?
A huddle space is a communal area or a small meeting room where creative teams gather to collaborate with each other and also with remote colleagues, partners and clients. They’re becoming more and more popular as companies phase out offices and cubicles in favor of open, or even hot desk, work environments.

Demand for video collaboration technology that works in these spaces is growing. Millenials, who literally grew up using advanced communication technology, are a driving force behind this demand. For them, and many people in the workforce, visual communication leads to be better collaboration and productivity.

But neither traditional nor consumer grade video collaboration technology works effectively in huddle spaces. The former is too expensive to be deployed in scale, not to mention too clunky for easy use. We’ve all seen, or been a part of, enough of those awkward hunched-over-a-laptop meetings to know that laptops and mobiles devices aren’t ideal either.

Enter the Tely 200, a video collaboration endpoint designed for huddle spaces. We believe it challenges all the negative stereotypes of traditional video collaboration. It’s affordable. It’s easy to deploy and manage at scale. It seamlessly integrates with any cloud-based video service. Most importantly, it’s simple to use.

Here are some other highlights:

  • An integrated High Definition 1080p camera with 85 degrees diagonal field of view
  • Ability for users to simultaneously view video and share content on dual screen displays.
  • Support for Microsoft Office 365 and Google Calendar that enables users to join a meeting right from a link in their calendar invite
  • Integration with any cloud-based services including Acano, BlueJeans, Pexip, Videonor, Videxio and Zoom, to name a few

The Tely 200 makes it easy for IT teams to deploy, configure and manage each Tely end point remotely via Tely Portal, a cloud-based management tool with an intuitive browser-based interface.

Tely 200 has a list price of $1,800 USD, which includes access to the Tely management portal. Learn more about how to purchase a Tely 200.