The benefits of cloud-based video conferencing without the high costs

telyHD Pro comes with a one-year subscription to telyCloud service, so you can enjoy business-class video conferencing without the costly equipment – all you need is a telyHD Pro at each location.  
telyCloud features include:

  • 6 party multisite video conferencing – eliminates the need for expensive on-premise MCUs (Multipoint Control Units).
  • Application sharing – telyCloud service enables live sharing of your desktop or specific applications, so there’s no need to subscribe to third party collaboration services.
  • Firewall traversal – telyCloud includes secure communications through the firewall as a service, so you don’t have to buy and manage expensive firewall traversal servers.
  • NAT resolution – establishing reliable video connections between systems on different networks can be challenging due to private IP network addressing within organizations, known as NAT (Network Address Translation). telyCloud resolves this issue transparently, without the need for costly SIP registrars.
  • Addressing – each telyHD Pro can have its own unique name and address, eliminating the need for expensive directory servers or confusing IP address dialing.

If you’re looking for the additional flexibility of video communication and content sharing between different types of devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops and traditional video conferencing room systems, you may be interested in pairing telyHD Pro with third-party video conferencing cloud services.


The telyCloud service provides features that until now were available only with an investment in expensive video equipment.

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