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How to connect to a LifeSize® UVC Transit™ Server

telyHD Pro features built-in support for the industry standard SIP protocol, enabling straightforward registration to a SIP registrar
server as well as SIP URI dialing. Here’s an overview on how telyHD Pro users can register to join a LifeSize video network and connect to LifeSize videoconferencing systems.

Connecting to a LifeSize UVC Transit Server is simple. Just use the telyHD Pro on-screen controls to navigate to the SIP configuration card and input the parameters for your specific network. You may need to obtain domain and other information about your video network from your administrator.

Depending on your network configuration, you may need to open ports
in your firewall configuration used by telyHD Pro for SIP communications.

    Outbound Destination Ports:
  • SIP signaling: ports 5060-5061 (TCP)
  • SIP media (RTP/RTCP): ports 40000-42000 (UDP)

    • Inbound Listening Ports:
    • SIP: ports 5060-5061 (TCP)

    More information on ports and protocols used the telyHD Pro can be found in the Quick Start Guide and on the Tely Labs Support site. To configure your telyHD Pro appliance to join a LifeSize UVC.

    (650) 318-3400

    To configure your telyHD Pro appliance to join a LifeSize UVC Transit Server network, press the Menu button on the telyHD remote control (or use an optional USB wired or wireless keyboard) and select the “Settings” menu item. It is not necessary to login to the telyHD. Scroll to the “SIP Settings” card.

    Use the following fields in the SIP Settings Card to configure your telyHD Pro. Some of these fields may not be required, depending on
    your specific environment.

    Lifesize UVC
    Use telyHD Pro’s simple on-screen SIP Settings to configure your system to join a LifeSize® UVC Transit™

    SIP Domain
    Enter the domain name for your SIP service. This is also known as “realm.”

    SIP Username
    Enter the username for the LifeSize UVC Transit Server.

    Select a transport type. If a certain transport type is selected, it will be used exclusively going forward. The transport type can be TCP, UDP, or TLS.

    Enable Proxy
    Enable or disable proxy server. Proxy server is disabled by default.

    Enable Registration
    Enable Registration Register to a SIP registrar server and enter optional authentication username or password.

    Connecting with other videoconferecing systems in your Avaya network, or to other standards-based systems is similarly straightforward. First, select the “Make a Video Call with SIP” card from the main screen of the telyHD Pro. Both SIP accounts and IP addresses are supported as connection types in the contact list.

    If the desired SIP endpoint is not already entered into your Contacts, click on the “Call New” button. Then type in the SIP Contact or address of the remote endpoint to be contacted. By default, the Display Name will be the same as the SIP Contact/Address.

    That’s it! You’ve configured your telyHD to connect to your LifeSize Scopia Server and you’re ready to call LifeSize or other standards-based videoconferencing systems.