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Providing timely access to expert care can save lives as well as time and money. Meanwhile, changes in healthcare place a new level of emphasis on managing costs and avoiding hospital readmissions. And as our population ages, it has become clear that long-term patients are healthier and happier when they can see their distant family and friends.

Video conferencing for healthcare solutions, from Tely Labs give healthcare providers the tools they need to improve care and reduce costs, with a simple, secure and affordable way to remotely diagnose patients, provide ongoing outpatient care and enable patient-family communications over long distances.

Video Conferencing for Healthcare

Extend Patient Care

For patients in remote areas, or patients that require specialty care, access to the right physician can be a challenge. Video diagnosis and remote patient monitoring allow hospitals to increase survival rates through early detection and minimize travel for patients with chronic conditions. The unprecedented value of Tely Labs video solutions means that even chronically underfunded hospitals and clinics can afford to provide a new level of care.

Avoid Costly Readmissions

Helping patients to rest and recover at home is good medicine, but the costs and inefficiencies of outpatient care can be daunting.
Tely Labs makes virtual visits a simple and efficient way to keep outpatients healthy and avoid unneeded hospitalizations.

Enable Patient-Family Communications

Communication between healthcare providers, patients and their families not only improves patient care, but often results in shorter hospital stays. telyMed™ makes it simple for patients to stay in touch with families and loved ones across the globe throughout their hospitalization.

Saving Lives, Saving Costs


A small town hospital in New Mexico had no way of caring for their stroke patients. With no neurologists on staff, the hospital was forced to transfer stroke victims to distant healthcare facilities that could offer specialist treatment. As a result, precious treatment time was lost and hospital revenue suffered.

“For the hospitals and clinics we serve, telyMed has helped lower medical specialist response times to as little as ten minutes. Without our service and telyMed, it’s safe to say hundreds of patients in the past year would have been denied access to potentially lifesaving medication. These patients received treatment because we offer a solution that hospitals can afford and it works.”

-Chief Neurologist


With Tely Labs’s telehealth solution, the hospital now has remote video access to neurologists, radiologists and cardiologists. Emergency room doctors now have 24-hour, on-call specialists for consultation and diagnosis via telyMed. Within a few months of implementation, nearly 50 patients have been examined by remote neurologists and no stroke patients have had to undergo the discomfort of transfer. Read the case study.