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Overcoming 5 Key Business Challenges with Affordable Video Conferencing

July 10, 2014

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, small to medium sized businesses face challenges that are similar, and in some cases more daunting than those of larger enterprises. Moreover, smaller organizations typically have fewer resources at their disposal, making these challenges even more difficult to address.

A recent study from SMB Group points out 5 key challenges that SMBs face:

1) Minimizing expenses
2) Managing time
3) Improving employee productivity
4) Increasing collaboration
5) Building closer relationships to customers

Video conferencing always had the potential to improve productivity, teamwork and customer relations, too – except that room-based solutions typically cost too much and are too difficult to use for SMBs to ever justify the cost. But now, with plug-and-play hardware and cloud-based service, Tely Labs has a room-based video solution that is as simple to install and operate as a TV, and affordable for any business. At well under $1,000, the Tely Labs telyHD Pro pays for itself by making it possible for its owner to avoid just one business trip.

Tely Labs is different; Tely Labs offers a video solution for the rest of us. With an affordable price and an intuitive interface, any business of any size can address some of its most pressing issues with a video conferencing solution.

Interested in learning more about how simple, affordable video conferencing from Tely Labs can help businesses overcome these top challenges? Read the whitepaper.