TelyHD Review

Sure, they had a robot maid and a flying car, but that seemed like pure fantasy. The Jetsons’ ubiquitous video-calling, on the other hand, always fascinated me as a kid, even if Mr. Spacely was kind of a jerk. TelyHD brings that kind of futuristic Skype calling to your TV screen, no computer—or Napoleonic boss—required.
Setting up telyHD is so simple that your grandma can do it. Plug the camera into AC power, connect it to an HDMI port on your TV, and you’re all set. TelyHD connects to your home network with Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and it works with your existing Skype account, so you can chat with other users on computers, tablets, phones, or other telyHD units for free. There’s no keyboard, so logging in for the first time requires lots of tapping on the included remote, but that’s the hardest part.