Tely Labs Enables Charles Hay World School to Expand the Classroom with Affordable, Intuitive Video Conferencing

Redwood City, Calif. – May 1, 2014 – Tely Labs, the leader in simple, secure and affordable video conferencing systems, today announced Charles Hay World School has implemented easy, affordable video conferencing with telyHD Pro systems for its school in Englewood, Colo.

Charles Hay World School is a public international baccalaureate school located in Englewood, CO serving 400 students from kindergarten to sixth grade. In addition to statewide class curriculum, the school offers its students International Baccalaureate classes, gifted and talented classes, and special education programs.

As with many other educational facilities, the school’s faculty struggled with how to create an exciting, real-world curriculum within a classroom. They wanted to connect their students with museums, mentors, and students in far-away locations via video to improve their educational experience and expand their students’ world of learning. The school found connecting with such locations difficult because the quality of PC-based video calls was not compelling enough and calling options were too limited.

Charles Hay World School was able to ease these limitations when they discovered Tely Lab’s telyHD Pro video conferencing appliance. The telyHD Pro is a revolutionary HD video conferencing and collaboration appliance that connects with SIP standard based systems and infrastructure at unprecedented value. The telyHD Pro solution also supports Skype HD video calling as well as Tely Labs’ own telyCloud service, providing multi-party video conferencing with many features normally only available with a heavy investment in video infrastructure equipment. The system’s extreme ease-of-use as well as built-in-ability to connect to high-end video conferencing systems via SIP standards created the solution for the school’s connectivity problems with distant resources.

“As an educator, we care more about the content and who we are connecting, rather than how we are connecting” said Hannah LeCount, the International Baccalaureate Coordinator at Charles Hay World School. “It is only when you use technology that works intuitively that you can focus on content and stop worrying about connectivity issues or economic concerns of expensive systems. The variety of uses is phenomenal, and it’s so simple and affordable for a classroom setting; we don’t worry about kids breaking it.”

By implementing Tely Labs into their daily curriculum, the school has been able to further enrich their students’ learning experiences in an easy and affordable way in the past year-and-a-half that they have been using telyHD Pro.

“We have connected with students in Ghana, pen pals in Boston, and a parent who was traveling in Madrid, Spain. We have virtually visited museum exhibits at Chabot Space Center in Oakland, California. And an engineering graduate student in Colorado Springs has mentored students in our after-school electronics club.”

“I’d recommend it to every school as it truly transforms learning,” LeCount concluded. “The affordability, flexibility, and ease of use make it a remarkable tool for teaching and for enhancing student experience. The telyHD Pro enables our students and teachers to experience learning like never before – there are practically no limits to distance learning education.”

“The educational applications for distance learning with Tely Labs are remarkable, Charles Hay World School in Colorado is no exception,” said Sreekanth Ravi, Co-founder and CEO of Tely Labs. “Providing students with access to educational experiences they may not otherwise have is a large part of why we created the telyHD Pro system.”

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About Charles Hay World School
Charles Hay World School is a public International Baccalaureate school located in Englewood, a small suburban community located near the geographical center of the Denver metropolitan area.  Charles Hay serves approximately 400 students in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade and is a school of choice, meaning families from out of district or the traditional enrollment boundaries have the option to register.

About Tely Labs
Founded in 2010, Tely Labs is a pioneer in simple, secure and affordable video communication and collaboration systems that fundamentally change the way people communicate. Tely Labs is dedicated to bringing video conferencing to every meeting room, remote office and healthcare facility – simply, securely and affordably.

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