Tely Labs Provides Business Video Conferencing at an Affordable Price

October 23, 2012

Tely Labs has some news to share, with a new business video conferencing system. The telyHD Business Edition (BE) brings high-quality, multi-party video calling, along with many other features, to businesses at a price affordable no matter what their size.  This new video conferencing solution is backed by Comcast Ventures and Rogers Venture Partners, and aimed at addressing the market demand for video conferencing solutions both rich in features and affordable by SMBs. It’s built on the Android platform, and uses the Virtual MCU Mesh (VNM) technology from Tely Labs. As a result, it provides the advanced capabilities and quality of an enterprise solution, while remaining within the price range of SMBs, with ease of use, simple setup, and minimal operating costs.

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Tely Labs Gets $15 Million In Funding From Comcast And Rogers To Refocus On The SMB Video Conferencing Market

October 22, 2012

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: A video conferencing company seeks to make multiparty chat and collaboration affordable, opening up the market to a whole new crop of customers for whom the old room-based systems were just too expensive.* That’s what Tely Labs seeks to do, by adding new features to its conferencing suite and pitching its wide-angle video cameras up-market, to a new set of customers who might pay a little more than the average consumer. And it’s raised some funding — $15 million from Comcast Ventures and Rogers Ventures Partners — to take its low-cost conferencing equipment to market.

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TelyHD Review

June 19, 2012

Sure, they had a robot maid and a flying car, but that seemed like pure fantasy. The Jetsons’ ubiquitous video-calling, on the other hand, always fascinated me as a kid, even if Mr. Spacely was kind of a jerk. TelyHD brings that kind of futuristic Skype calling to your TV screen, no computer—or Napoleonic boss—required.
Setting up telyHD is so simple that your grandma can do it. Plug the camera into AC power, connect it to an HDMI port on your TV, and you’re all set. TelyHD connects to your home network with Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and it works with your existing Skype account, so you can chat with other users on computers, tablets, phones, or other telyHD units for free. There’s no keyboard, so logging in for the first time requires lots of tapping on the included remote, but that’s the hardest part.

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TelyHD Adds AirPlay, Remote Control App

June 13, 2012

As smart TVs make a bigger footprint in living rooms, the features and functions of Internet-connected televisions are far surpassing the capabilities of “dumb” TVs, opening up the market for set-top boxes and other interim devices.  One such product is telyHD, which hit the market in January and enables HD video chatting, via Skype, on television sets. It has a wide-angle lens that captures more of the space around you, making it ideal for group chats.

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The Return of the Videophone (Again)

April 25, 2012

A new company, telyHD thinks it can change that equation, not only by moving video chats from the PC to the TV room, but also by offering a set of enhanced features to its product typically only possible with a computer.  The $249 retail telyHD unit (available at, Amazon and other retailers) sits comfortably on top of an HDTV and uses the Skype service to make video calls. Once you connect the unit via an HDMI cable and sign in to Skype, your entire Skype address book is visible.

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Digital Devices for Luddites

March 7, 2012

The telyHD, which sells for about $250, allows you to make Skype calls from your TV. The device, a small camera and microphone, sits on top of your television. It’s fantastically simple to set up and use: you just plug in two cables, and enter your Skype user name and password on the TV screen using the device’s remote. And then begin your call.

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Put Some Clothes On: Video Calling Just Got Easier

March 5, 2012

Cisco’s ill-fated Umi had the right idea: a plug-and-play webcam for your TV that fulfills the Jetsonian promise of bringing faraway friends and family members into your living room — and you into theirs.

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TelyHD Brings Skype Video Calling To The Big Screen

February 15, 2012

Those who may have been intrigued by news of Skype video calling features being added to some of the latest advanced HDTVs can relax in the knowledge that they can now get that Jetsons experience today without buying a whole new set.

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TelyHD puts video calls on TV at a lower price

February 8, 2012

Enter Silicon Valley newcomer Tely Labs. With its compact TelyHD Skype-compatible set-top box that recently went on sale, the company believes it can succeed where others have failed. Read More+

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Skype Moves from Laptop to TV Screen

January 26, 2012

TelyHD allows entire families to Skype using the television, Walt Mossberg reports. Plus: Megaupload executives are granted bail; AT&T loses out to Verizon in customer race; Netflix tries to find its footing; the NFL says “ok” to tweeting by players during the Pro Bowl; start-up Codeacademy introduces a new program for would-be code jockeys and a site to help soothe the sting of break ups.

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