NETXUSA Adds Tely Labs’s Affordable Videoconferencing to its Portfolio

December 16, 2013

The move further extends Tely Labs’s channel reach and enables NETXUSA’s network of more than 5,000 telecommunications service providers and resellers to offer economical videoconferencing to their customers as a hosted service.

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Time Warner Cable trials ‘Virtual Visit’ for Telemedicine

November 11, 2013

In order to better serve patients in their homes, Time Warner Cable Business Class has launched a “Virtual Visit” telemedicine trial with Cleveland Clinic.

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Board Room Video for the Rest of Us?

October 7, 2013

Video conferencing seems to be going through a major change. Over the past year, the focus has moved from expensive board and conference room systems to end user device implementations and peer-to-peer video. From the popularity of Skype video, Apple's FaceTime, Lync video, and WebRTC, much of the focus is now on how to deliver video across a variety of devices. Even companies like Vidtel and Blue Jeans, who have focused on integrating a variety of room systems, have even more focus on devices. And BYOD promises to extend that to all of our devices.

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Facelook Service to Help get Older People Connected

October 1, 2013

The British Red Cross has completed a pilot scheme for an innovative health and social care project that helps get older people get better connected.

The Facelook service provides users with the technology to see and talk to friends, relatives and British Red Cross volunteers through their television set.

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7 Cool Network Devices That Add Value Too

September 23, 2013

Tely Labs, one of CRN's 10 Coolest Network Startups of 2013, in July began shipping the TelyHD Pro Appliance, a PC-less videoconferencing and collaboration solution for offices large and small.

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Eldercare Facilities Getting on the Videoconferencing Bandwagon

September 13, 2013

Video conferencing is one of those technologies that keeps finding new applications. Initially adopted by businesses that wished to bring remote employees together to communicate face-to-face across distances, it has quickly spread to find other applications. Social media is one of the big boom areas for video conferencing, and education is also catching up, allowing professors to deliver college lectures to remote students.

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Tely Labs, HD Distributing Do Videoconferencing Deal

August 16, 2013

HD Distributing, which specializes in video and unified communications, is teaming with videoconferencing provider Tely Labs to provide its reseller channel with value-added distribution services.

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6 Misconceptions Getting In The Way Of Videoconferencing Growth

August 15, 2013

With air travel becoming an increasingly unpleasant, unpredictable, and costly experience; rising gas prices; and thousands of hours lost to travel time , it doesn't take a genius to see that videoconferencing should be pervasive across all areas of industry and government — and yet it’s not.

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Tely Labs Named a Coolest Emerging Vendor for 2013

August 12, 2013

Tely Labs has made several moves this year to grow both its channel and its family of telyHD videoconferencing systems. The company launched telyHD Pro, its latest videoconferencing system that offers a slew of new features, including interoperability with standards-based systems like those from Polycom or Cisco, and integration with Blue Jeans Networks' videoconferencing service.

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Introducing telyHD Pro

July 24, 2013

Doug Green, Publisher of Telecom Reseller, speaks with David Moss, SVP of Global Sales and Business Development for Tely Labs, about the company and their new telyHD Pro standards-based interoperability videoconferencing product at a breakthrough price-performance point.

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