Video conferencing cam for (almost) any TV: telyHD

A video conferencing camera and more for any HDMI equipped TV.   I’m Fred Fishkin with technology BootCamp, a report on gadgets and gear.   From the Xbox Kinect to cameras designed for specific TV models, video conferencing is coming to the family room.   One of the smartest solutions yet is from a company called TelyLabs.   It’s new telyHD camera connects to a wireless or wired network and then into the HDMI port on just about any recently made TV. Read More+

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Skype joins telyHD for HDTV video chat in your living room

It’s time for a paradigm shift in video chatting, all you gigantic television owners, as telyHD is now working with Skype to bring the most popular video chatting platform to the living room on your HDTV, right where it aught to be. Right now telyHD already uses 720p HD video and high quality audio, and with Skype integration you’ll be able to connect with anyone that has Skype available on their own device: this including everything from home computers to laptops to smartphones! Read More+

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Tely Labs partners with Skype on HD video calling device

Skype has signed an agreement with entertainment and communications systems provider Tely Labs in which Tely Labs will offer Skype's communications software in their video calling device telyHD, allowing consumers to experience free Skype video calling. The household can use their TV to connect face-to-face with family and friends worldwide through Skype whether on a computer, tablet, smartphone or TV. telyHD which does not require a computer and is compliant with HD TVs, uses Skype and Android technologies and allows for video calls to take place in a naturally social setting. telyHD is designed for the living room with a camera to capture an entire room and all the participants in HD video. Read More+

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How To Turn Any HDTV Into a Video Phone

"Ring! Ring!" Excuse me, my TV is ringing.

One day, this will be more than just a clever lead. We will be using our television to chat with people.

Yes, futurists have been prognosticating our video phone future for decades. But the video phone product geniuses haven't made it easy. You always had to buy two gadgets to video telephonate, one for you and one for whomever you wanted to video telephonate with. Read More+

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Skype and Tely Labs Partner to Bring Affordable, Stunningly Simple HD Video Calling to the Living Room TV

Skype and Tely Labs today announce a partnership in which Tely Labs will offer Skype’s globally popular communications software in their powerful, yet compact, video calling device - telyHD, allowing everyday consumers to experience free Skype video calling with big-screen impact and high-definition clarity. Now, the entire household can use their TV to instantly and easily connect face-to-face with family and friends worldwide through Skype - whether on a computer, tablet, smartphone or TV. Read More+

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Tely Labs teams with Skype on new HD video calling device

For consumers and possibly even small business owners, Skype has partnered with Tely Labs to roll out a new device that is boasted to provide free HD video calls on an HDTV.

Tely differentiates its solution from other Skype and video calling-related products on the market by touting it as a “more natural, social way” to interact. The TelyHD platform is designed for living rooms with a wide-angle camera that can zoom, pan and tilt to capture the entire room and all participants. Read More+

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Say hello to TelyHD, an Android-based Skype video phone for your TV

In advance of CES, the folks from Tely Labs recently came by our offices in New York to demo the fledgling company's new $249 consumer video-conferencing solution for TVs--the TelyHD--that combines an Android-based HD video camera with a heavily skinned version of Skype.

Some TVs already offer Skype video-chatting capabilities via integrated cameras, but TelyHD is one of a few options arriving this year that will allow you to add a higher-quality HD camera with built-in Skype functionality. Read More+

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Skype on an HDTV in the living room? You bet, with telyHD


If you use Skype to keep in touch with friends and relatives, you know what a pain is to huddle around a PC or a Mac during a communal video chat, or to use the cramped screen on a phone or tablet with a Skype app for such group chatting.


Wouldn’t it be great to use your honkin’ HDTV in your living room for this purpose? Wouldn’t it be awesome to see your loved ones blown up really big, almost as if they were in the room with you?


A new Skype-compatible device from Tely Labs called the telyHD will make this happen when it goes on the market tomorrow. Read More+

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